Other Resources

Active Living Research - Health Impact Assessment Resources  This page includes several different resources related o HIAs, including a six-part training course, introductory tools, the Buford Highway Case Study, and links to additional resources.

CDC - Healthy Places - Health Impact Assessment The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides HIA resources, including information on the different types of health impact assessment, toolkits, and information on health conditions related o the built environment.

Health Impact Assessment 101  Learn the basics of Health Impact Assessment through slides from the Health Resources in Action's HIA 101 presentation.

Health Impact Project  The Health Impact Project, a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts, is a national initiative designed to promote the use of health impact assessments as a decision-making tool for policymakers.

Human Impact Partners  HIP provides HIA resources like guides and steps, stakeholder engagement tools, training materials, research and assessment resources, monitoring and evaluation resources, public health policy briefs and more.

Public Health Online  A Guide to Public Health Careers  The career guide guide dives deeper into these careers and others within the public health sphere. It leverages expert interviews, information and resources to better understand the professional landscape, as well as the various educational options needed to enter, advance and succeed in the field.

WHO - Health Impact Assessment  The World Health Organization (WHO) provides resources about HIA on a global scale, including examples of HIAs, HIA policies, tools and methods, use of evidence, connections to the HIA network, news and events.


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