Model HIAs

 See all articles about HIA by U.S. authors (2001-2015).  (Compiled by Andrew Dannenberg - Updated March 2015)

Model HIAs

  • Zoning for a Healthy Baltimore HIA: an HIA of the Baltimore zoning code rewrite in order to maximize the potential for the zoning recode to prevent obesity and other adverse health outcomes and reduce inequities in these outcomes among children and adolescents in Baltimore.
  • California domestic worker protection bill 889 HIA: conducted by the San Francisco Department of Public Health on two of the ten provisions of AB 889, specifically, the provision guaranteeing eight hours of uninterrupted sleep to 24-hour and live-in caregivers, and the provision that ensures access to workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Oregon Farm to School bill HIA: details the potential impacts of Oregon’s 2011 Farm to School and School Garden legislation
  • Proctor Creek Boone Boulevard HIA: this EPA-led HIA aims to help inform the City of Atlanta's decision on whether to implement the proposed Boone Boulevard Green Street Project as designed and to provide an avenue for stakeholders, including state environmental and public health agencies, city and county departments, advocacy groups, and the community, to be engaged in the decision-making process.
  • Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy HIA: assesses the two options put forward by the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy, considering the links between urban design, health determinants, and health outcomes, with particular attention to the impacts on vulnerable populations.
  • Kansas HIA: A report on potential health effects of casino development in Southeast Kansas
  • Page Avenue redevelopment HIA: assessment of the Page Avenue redevelopment in Pagedale, Missouri in St. Louis County.
  • HIA by the San Francisco Department of Public Health's Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability: Evaluates congestion pricing policy under study that would charge $3 during AM/PM rush hours to travel into or out of the congested northeast quadrant of San Francisco.
  • HIA of Mining Activities near Keno City, Yukon: commissioned by the Yukon Department of Health and Social Services in response to public concerns over mining activities near Keno City.


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