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This page contains a collection of planning webinars (online workshops). To ease navigation, the items are organized into topics and include short descriptions and hyperlinks to the source.

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  • Accessible Schools The 2010 ADA Accessibility Standards and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) Accessibility Standard apply to many types of schools in the public and private sectors, including primary, secondary, trade schools and colleges and universities . This session will provide an overview of requirements in the ADA and ABA standards for newly constructed and altered school facilities and their related elements and spaces such as student laboratories, assembly seating, assistive listening systems, and much more.
  • Accessible Hospitals and Other Health Care Facilities Section 223 of the 2010 ADA Accessibility Standard and the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standard includes scoping provisions for medical care and long term care facilities. This includes hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, psychiatric facilities and detoxification Facilities. Learn more about patient rooms scoping for both medical and long term care and along with some of the special technical that apply to parking at specialized facilities, alarm systems and toilet rooms in intensive care units.
  • Accessible Residential Facilities Many questions arise about accessible residential facilities. This session will focus on untangling the web of laws that address access to housing, including the Architectural Barriers Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Presenters will explain how the design requirements of these laws apply and review requirements in the ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines for residential dwelling units.
  • Accessible Retail Stores and Spaces Retail stores and spaces may be located in variety of settings ranging from shopping malls and strip malls to spaces within airports, stadiums, government buildings and many other venues. Elements and spaces associated with retail environments, such as accessible routes, parking, checkout aisles, sales and service counters, queues and waiting lines, are all a part of the 2010 ADA Accessibility Standards. This session will review in detail requirements in the standards for these elements and spaces.

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